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      A Brief Introduction of CCIC Chongqing

        Reorganized from former China National Import & Export Commodities Inspection Corp.  Chongqing branch and former Chongqing Audit Centre of China Quality Certification Centre, CCIC Chongqing was registered and founded in Dec. 2003 with China Certification & Inspection Group and CIQ Chongqing as its only shareholders. As a member of CCIC group, CCIC Chongqing is an independent entity dedicated to inspection, surveying, certification and testing services. It boasts a team of professional inspectors, surveyors, assessors and auditors. Since its establishment, it has successfully provided satisfactory inspection, surveying and certification services to over 2000 clients. Sticking to the enterprise spirit of “impartiality, accuracy, swiftness, reliability, standardization, client’s satisfaction” and resorting to the worldwide service network, strong technical support, rich social relationship and comprehensive service varieties, CCIC Chongqing spares no effort to provide its excellent services to clients all over the world on a localized basis.

      Service Scope of CCIC Chongqing

      ■ Inspection Services
      □ Pre-shipment inspection on behalf of INTERTEK, BV, COTECNA, OMIC, SSIC, INSPECTORATE, etc.
      □ Pre-shipment Verification of Conformity (PVoC) services on goods exported to Kenya
      □ Inspection of foodstuffs, beverage, shoes, steels, and solid wastes as raw materials exported to Indonesia under Import Verification Program (IVP)
      □ Loading supervision and price verification of goods exported to Egypt
      □ Commercial entrustment inspection on quality, specification, quantity, weight, packing, marking, etc.
      □ Project supervision
      □ Inspection during production
      □ Entrusted sampling and sample preparation

      ■ Surveying Services
      □ Cargo damage survey
      □ Quantity and weight survey
      □ Loading / discharging / transshipment supervision
      □ Draft survey, volume survey, weighing by scale
      □ Survey on suitability of transportation utilities
      □ Packing condition survey
      □ Marking survey
      □ Stowage survey
      □ Property evaluation
      □ Price verification
      □ Average adjustment & claim setting
      □ Marine survey
      □ Consumer goods inspection and survey

      ■ Testing Services
      □ Agricultural products & byproducts, food, beverage, chemicals, minerals, metals, light industry products, textiles, dangerous products, mechanical & electrical products, especially motorcycles & automobiles and their spare parts

      ■ Hygiene Audit
      □ Audit on software, hardware, employee training, operation, professional background, etc. of supermarkets, hotels and chain stores against certain standards.

      ■ Supplier Qualification Evaluation
      □ Assessment on supplier’s management system, production condition, production progress, production site status, stuff status, hygiene status, technical level under the request of supermarkets, hotels, trading companies, and manufacturers.

      ■ Inspection Application Agency
      □ Application of CIQ inspection & quarantine and coordination of relevant matters on behalf of clients.

      ■ Product Certification & Management System Registration Services
      □ ISO9000, ISO14001, GB/T28001, HACCP
      □ Voluntary product safety testing & certification
      □ Green Agri-product market certification
      □ Ecological textiles certification
      □ GMP certification
      □ GAP certification
      □ Non-GMO identity preserved certification
      □ Forage product certification
      □ Organic product certification
      □ Agent for CE, E-MARK, GS, KEYMARK, UL
      □ Nationally registered auditor & internal auditor training for ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001, HACCP,etc.


      For inspection, surveying, and testing services:
      Tel: 86 23 67733425 / 67732348 / 67753182
      Fax: 86 23 67726937
      Email: cqccic@163.net

      For certification services:
      Tel: 86 23 67729464 / 67737146
      /Fax: 86 23 67752717 / 67737459

      For Financial matters:
      Tel: 86 23 67733429
      Fax: 86 23 67742053

      For Administrative matters:
      Tel: 86 23 67742053
      Fax: 86 23 67742053
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